Why us?

VDW Lease is a breath of fresh air in the bicycle leasing ‘peloton’ with a big heart for the bicycle. And that love of cycling means we are fully committed to innovation. We choose new, untravelled paths instead of well-trodden ones and this translates into a unique bicycle leasing service for all stakeholders.

Enjoy the ride! With our VDW Lease slogan we are not just referring to cycling. We aim to unburden all the parties in the VDW Lease chain of their cycling concerns. VDW Lease does this by developing a solution tailored to the customer, supported by a comprehensive digital platform that completely removes the administrative burden.

The entire bicycle leasing process should be a pleasure for each party. In order to achieve this, VDW Lease has accumulated a great deal of expertise. We enjoy leading the leasing pack in both financial and cycling terms. This is partly due to the product knowledge of our sister company VDW Bikes - a continuation of Vanderwal - with more than 100 (!) years of experience in the industry.

VDW Lease is part of the Beerens Groep, a reference company in the automotive industry and a loyal partner for total mobility solutions. We are more than happy to include this experience in the VDW bicycle lease story!

Lease the bike of your dreams
Carefree cycling with the most comprehensive insurance cover
A maintenance package tailored to your use