Bicycle leasing is interesting, very interesting. And not just for the employee. Here are the main reasons why bicycle leasing shouldn’t be overlooked by employers:
  • • Tax deductible
  • Yes, you read that correctly! A lease bike is 100% tax deductible, and is also exempt from social security and employer contributions! Want to know more? We will be happy to provide further info in our FAQ section.

  • • Healthy employees
  • Exercise is healthy, but we don't need to tell you that. Allowing your employees to use a bicycle for commuting fits perfectly into this picture. When employees exercise more, they also feel happier and healthier and absenteeism levels will fall significantly. Did you know that, on average, a sick employee costs about 300 euros per day in lost sales and additional costs?

  • • Powerful employer branding
  • The ‘war for talent’ is a term that is cropping up more and more frequently. Workers with strong skills are in demand. As an employer, offering your employees certain benefits gives you an additional advantage, especially if these are also interesting for you from a tax point of view. After all, employees no longer choose a particular employer solely on the basis of salary. Bicycle leasing really boosts your image as an employer and makes you highly attractive in the labour market!

  • • Healthy company
  • We have to take care of our environment and more and more people are realising this. And it’s just as well! Thanks to bicycle leasing, there are fewer and fewer cars on the road, which means less congestion and a significant reduction in CO2 emissions! And you can do your bit as an employer. Choosing the bicycle reduces the CO2 emissions of your employee's travel by at least 97%!

YES! We are very aware of the fact that in a company, every link is equally important. So bicycle leasing is available to every employee. VDW Lease will gladly work with you to figure out exactly how this is organised and which bicycles and budgets are stipulated.

There are several options. The most common and simplest way to integrate bicycle leasing into your organisation is the principle of wage exchange. Your employee gives up a very small part of his/her gross salary in exchange for the bicycle of his/her dreams.

Another option is to convert part of the end-of-year bonus into a leased bicycle. Finally, there is the offer of a mobility budget.

VDW Lease will work with you to determine the most suitable formula for your organisation and will support you with advice and assistance. We will provide you with the necessary templates and information documents for creating the perfect cycling plan!

VDW Lease gives you the choice to lease any bicycle and is one of the only providers in the market to do so. Does your employee prefer a mountain bike, a speed pedelec, an e-bike or a racing bike? You name it, anything is possible. As an employer, you decide which types of bicycles and which budgets can be spent on a lease bicycle. At VDW Lease you can lease any bicycle with a purchase price from €1,500 to €20,000

Thanks to our handy dealer locator, you immediately have an overview of recognised VDW Lease dealers. They assist your employees in making the right choice according to the predefined parameters. These dealers are spread throughout the country.

As an employer, you can also choose to let your employees make their choice at a limited number of dealers, or all of them, the choice is yours! It is exactly the same for maintenance. Quickly click through to the dealer locator and see which dealers are closest to you!

No, joining VDW Lease is completely free of charge for every company. Before you can register your company with VDW Lease, we carry out a credit check. So we can be confident about a successful cooperation.
Not at all! VDW Lease works with a fully digital and automated platform. It brings together all processes, documents and information sources for the three parties (employer, employee, dealer). We make bicycle leasing wonderfully simple and VDW Lease offers you complete peace of mind. Did you know that a click of a button is all it takes to give your employee permission to lease a bike? It can be that simple!


No, and that is precisely the advantage. Unlike a company car, a leased bicycle is not a benefit in kind. As long as the bicycle is used regularly for commuting.

As an employer, you set the expected frequency for your employees' bicycle commuting. It’s worth knowing that most of our customers opt for 20% commuting by bike. We recommend that the regular use of the leased bicycle for commuting is recorded in a policy and/or a statement of honour is requested from the employee.
If the bicycle is used regularly for commuting (see above), it is exempt from tax and social security for both employer and employee. If you choose the gross wage swap formula, the employer pays lower contributions on the wage due to the deduction of the monthly lease amount from the gross wage. A lower gross salary automatically means lower contributions to be paid by the employer.
There are various formulas, depending on the choice you make as an employer. The most common scenarios are as follows:

As an employer, you pay the full cost of the bicycle lease. For the employer, this is very interesting in view of the tax situation, and for your employees it means a form of wage supplement.

The monthly cost of the lease bike is divided between the employer and employee. The amount can be determined by mutual agreement.

As an employer, you facilitate bicycle leasing and the corresponding monthly amount is deducted from your employee's salary. This is the most popular and simplest formula!

Whatever formula you choose, VDW Lease guides your organisation from A to Z.
Good news! This is completely tax-free up to an amount of EUR 0.24 per kilometre driven. If you opt for the gross salary exchange system, your employee can cover the difference; you may even end up with a higher monthly net salary.
No! With the formula developed by VDW Lease, the monthly lease amounts are immediately entered in the accounts as a 100% deductible expense. Handy, eh?
Of course! VDW Lease applies a limit of 15% of the catalogue value or 400 Euros. In addition, it is compulsory to choose a lock for each type of bicycle. The value of the bicycle lock is included in the accessory budget. The accessories can be purchased from the dealer where the bike is leased.
All costs incurred for the construction of cycling infrastructure are 100% tax deductible. This includes providing bicycle storage facilities, charging stations, showers, lockers, etc. VDW Lease can also support your organisation in this area.
With employees entering into leasing contracts every week/month, a handy overview of the leasing contracts is a vital requirement. VDW Lease provides you with a handy monthly overview of the active lease contracts, terms, lease amounts, etc. so that a smooth payroll administration is guaranteed!
A bicycle leasing contract usually runs for 36 months, but can be spread over a longer or shorter period. This can be agreed with VDW Lease. The contract cannot be terminated before the expiry date.
No, during the leasing process VDW Lease remains the owner of the bicycle.
In most cases, the employee takes over the bicycle at its current value; it’s a real bargain! The employee will receive information about this a few weeks before the expiry of the lease contract. If he/she decides to return the bicycle, it will be inspected by the VDW Lease dealer to determine its condition.

Insurance and maintenance

Basically, we take care of everything. All contracts started at VDW Lease come with a BA (civil liability insurance), comprehensive insurance and maintenance package.

Civil liability insurance includes the following elements:

Coverage for material damage to third parties up to EUR 2,500,000!

Cover for bodily harm to third parties without limitation of amount

No personal liability

Comprehensive insurance includes the following elements:

Theft covered if bike is stored correctly

Material damage cover for bicycle


Bicycle insured up to a value of EUR 20,000

Replacement bike included

Read our insurance conditions
We provide assistance 24/7 in the Benelux and up to 50km in France and Germany

VDW Lease's maintenance packages include all work to ensure that the bicycles are always in optimum condition! This, of course, only covers work required due to normal use and wear and tear of the bicycle.

Depending on the use of the bicycle, VDW Lease will propose a basic or premium maintenance package.

Of course, a bicycle that is used frequently requires more maintenance than a bicycle that is only used once a week.

During the contract term, there is the flexibility to switch between the 2 packages. If your employee uses the bike much more frequently than expected, you can switch to a premium maintenance package. Flexibility at its best!

You may also choose to take care of the maintenance yourself. Comprehensive insurance, third-party liability insurance and assistance are always included. Please note that the bicycle is the property of VDW Lease and must always be properly maintained.



No! Unlike a company car, a leased bicycle is not a benefit in kind. As long as the bicycle is used regularly for commuting. Together with your employer, you look at the frequency of your commute.
Lease bikes are exempt from taxes and social charges if the bike is used regularly for commuting.
Definitely! By trading in a small part of your gross salary, you can ride the bike of your dreams for next to nothing! With bicycle leasing, you can easily save 40% compared to a private purchase.
No, VDW Lease remains the owner of the bicycle during the lease period. When it expires (standard duration: 36 months) you can take over the bicycle at a favourable rate.
Yes you are! Your employer can provide a tax-free bicycle allowance of up to EUR 0.24 per kilometre cycled. If you opt to commute a few times a week, you can offset your lease bike costs in full or could even earn money with it! Please note that an employer is not obliged to pay a bicycle allowance.
VDW Lease gives you the choice of leasing any bicycle and is one of the only providers in the market to do so. What do you prefer? A mountain bike, speed pedelec, an e-bike or a road bike? You name it, anything is possible.

Leasing process

It’s wonderfully simple! Once your employer becomes a customer of VDW Lease, it’s over to you. Choose your favourite VDW Lease dealer and select from the endless possibilities. Found your ideal bike? Request a quote and VDW Lease will provide you with instructions for the next steps.
At every VDW Lease dealer! You can find a handy dealer locator on our website. After your purchase, you can always contact one of the VDW Lease dealers for maintenance.
Of course! VDW Lease applies a limit of 15% of the catalogue value or 400 Euros. In addition, it is compulsory to choose a lock for each type of bicycle. The value of the bicycle lock is included in the accessory budget. The accessories can be purchased from the dealer where the bike is leased.
After selecting and configuring your bike, a quote is made and sent to your employer. Next, it is a matter of waiting for your employer's agreement to VDW Lease. As soon as it is approved, you will receive a communication with further instructions.

In most cases, this process is very fast, but it depends from bike to bike. Main factor: Is the bike in question in stock or can it be ordered? And this is not always the case at the moment. If it is in stock, you will be riding around on your new stunner in just a few days.

If you choose a speed-pedelec, it is best to add a few extra days for the registration of your bike and receiving the number plate.

No matter which bicycle you choose, VDW Lease will always send you an e-mail with the expected delivery time from the dealer.
As soon as your bike is delivered and ready to ride, and all formalities are in order, you will receive an e-mail notification that your bike is available at your dealer’s. We will invite you to pick it up from the dealer. The big advantage of this is that the dealer can answer all your questions and you will be fully informed and safe on the road!
Unfortunately, this is not possible. You have to collect your bike yourself and sign a proof of commitment. You must be able to produce a valid passport/ID/driving licence when collecting.

Maintenance and repairs

You can rely on us to help. VDW Lease offers various maintenance packages tailored to the user, which have been agreed with your employer. Each year, your leased bicycle will have an annual service to keep it spick and span for the entire duration of its use!

Aside from annual maintenance, it is important that you use your bike correctly. You should clean the bicycle regularly, pump up the tyres when necessary, etc. Please note that the bicycle remains the property of VDW Lease during the lease period. If damage is identified at the end of the contract, there will be a charge for rectifying this.
You take your bicycle in for maintenance annually, after which your VDW Lease dealer will provide a quote to VDW Lease to carry out the maintenance. Once this is approved, the dealer carries out the maintenance. After the work is completed, the dealer will give you a statement which we ask you to sign so that we can be sure the bike has been serviced and collected.
The frame number of your bicycle is a unique letter and number combination. Each bicycle has its own frame number. You will find this frame number (on a sticker) on the frame, often near the bottom bracket or the down tube of your bike. This sticker often also contains a barcode. Your lease contract and the insurance are linked to the frame number; if your bike is stolen, you will be asked for this number. We will also ask for your frame number when you contact VDW Lease.


VDW Lease has the best insurance coverage on the market! For example, comprehensive insurance is always included for damage and theft of the bicycle, along with breakdown assistance, but we go one step further! Also included as standard is a third-party liability insurance that covers material and physical damage to third parties.
We provide assistance 24/7 in the Benelux and up to 50km in France and Germany. If your bicycle cannot be repaired on site, we will take it to the VDW Lease dealer of your choice. But we will not leave you out in the cold. Do you have to get back to the office, go home...? VDW Lease will safely deliver you to your destination! You can always reach our assistance team on +32 (0)3 871 93 63
For a city bike and electric bike, a fixed ring lock is provided. With a road bike, a separate lock is provided as standard. A lock is compulsory when you buy a bike. After all, it would be a shame to have it stolen, wouldn't it?
No, I’m afraid not! If you lose your master key and/or spare key, you must contact VDW Lease as soon as possible. We will make sure that new keys are sent to your home so you can ride and are covered by insurance again.

To insure your bicycle, the keys must always be ordered through VDW Lease as the new serial number must be registered. So you don't have to worry about having a new key made!

If you have lost your key or the spare key to your battery, you can have a key made by the dealer. You must pay for this. What if you decide not to keep the bike at the end of the contract, but the keys are missing? VDW Lease will have the key made and will charge the amount to you. So make sure you hand in all the battery keys.

That’s annoying! Always secure your bicycle correctly to reduce the risk of theft.

In the event of theft, always submit a report to the police (you can do so via this handy link) and then contact VDW Lease, who will let you know what steps need to be taken to create a file.

Termination and surrender

Yes, you can! And at a very favourable rate. You will receive information about this a few weeks before the expiry of the lease contract. If you decide to return the bicycle, it will be inspected by the VDW Lease dealer to determine its condition. It is therefore important that you use and maintain the bike properly so that there are no unpleasant surprises at the end of the contract.
The lease bicycle remains the property of VDW Lease during the lease period but we assume that you will maintain it as if it were your own. If there is any damage to the bike, you should report it to the dealer.

Other users

Other people may use your bicycle. But you remain responsible for the bicycle at all times.
Yes, you are! In the event of damage or theft, VDW Lease will provide an electric replacement bicycle for the owner.

Bicycle shop


Good choice! It’s a very simple process. On our website you will find an application form, this provides us with all your information so we can create an account. As soon as this is finalised, you will receive a message in your mailbox to confirm your account. You are then an officially recognised VDW Lease dealer!
Nope! Your seat in the VDW Lease peloton is completely free.

Create customer

No, that’s not possible. The employer has allocated the employee a maximum amount to spend, which must be adhered to. If the employee wants a more expensive bicycle than indicated, he can discuss this with the employer, who may increase the ceiling.
Accessories can be leased too. VDW Lease applies a limit of 15% of the catalogue value or 400 Euros. This must fit into the pre-determined amount. In addition, it is compulsory to choose a lock for each type of bicycle. The cost of this lock is deducted from the accessories budget.

Yes! Anyone with a VAT number can lease a bicycle from VDW Lease. If the customer is not known in the system, it can be registered by the dealer. Once VDW Lease has checked the details, the customer can order a bicycle!

If a company employee would like to order a bicycle and the company is not known in the system, this should first be discussed with the employer or HR-Manager. As soon as this company becomes a customer of VDW Lease, the employee can choose their perfect bicycle!
You certainly can! And it’s the only leasing company in the market that allows this! Maybe there’s a business in your neighbourhood that you have been wanting to approach for a while? Spring into action! VDW Lease supports you in your efforts by providing the necessary information for the potential customer.
No, all makes are available at VDW Lease. From road bike, gravel bike or mountain bike to e-bike or speed pedelec. Anything is possible! If the customer imposes restrictions on personnel, this information will be available for all dealers to prevent incorrect bikes being offered. At VDW Lease you can lease any bicycle with a purchase price from €1,500 to €20,000

Maintenance and repairs

For service and maintenance, you send a request to VDW Lease. If the maintenance meets the predefined parameters, the application is automatically approved. If excesses are established, VDW Lease will consult with the dealer to figure out what should be done.

VDW Lease is also unique because we do not expect you, as a dealer, to provide a breakdown of invoices, thus avoiding additional administration. In concrete terms this means that, after approval, we will always pay and will not ask the sender to pay or provide an advance for any of the costs.

Each bicycle is insured on a comprehensive basis. If a customer comes in with a damaged bicycle, the following information must be provided to VDW Lease: a collision form, a police report (if the police arrived on site), photos of the damage and an estimate.

As soon as you have this documentation, send an email with all this information to insurance@vdwlease.be.

We will then keep you informed of the steps to be taken.

Another interesting fact? Our policy includes an electric replacement bicycle. As a dealer, you make these available to the customer and send the invoice to insurance@vdwlease.be. The rental amount is fixed. We will be happy to provide you with additional information.
A warranty claim should be addressed to the bicycle manufacturer. In this case, you must inform VDW Lease.
Lease the bike of your dreams
Carefree cycling with the most comprehensive insurance cover
A maintenance package tailored to your use
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