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Satisfied VDW Lease customers

Satisfied VDW Lease customers

For customised service, a clear digital platform and barely any administration, VDW Lease is the place to be. Our employees are extremely satisfied with the extra benefit in their salaries and have opted en masse for bicycle leasing. VDW Lease also gives a choice between all brands in the bicycle market and there is no hassle with maintenance. Satisfied with the cooperation!

HR Director

After a few hectic years with three children, I had gained a lot of weight. Through my employer, I had the opportunity to lease a bicycle from VDW Lease. It was my best decision in a long time! Thanks to the commute with my speed pedelec, the kilos are flying off and I actually get to work faster! VDW Lease also ensures that my bicycle is perfectly maintained thanks to a tailor-made maintenance package. Just brilliant!

Senior Sales Manager

At VDW Lease, dealers are considered part of the team and this translates into all aspects of the services. It’s a great experience, as dealers tend to be overlooked in the leasing process. I’m really pleased that I have been able to persuade lots of companies in the neighbourhood to sign up for bicycle leasing.

Bicycle shop manager

VDW Lease, Enjoy the ride!

Would you like to contribute to the mobility of tomorrow? Does the idea of happy employees sound like music to your ears? Do you want to enjoy the tax benefit? Then bicycle leasing via VDW Lease is definitely your cup of tea. Like a breath of fresh air in the bicycle leasing sector, we would love to show you how we can help you with our services.

6 things you need to know before you start leasing bikes