And, yes, you read that right! Not literally, of course, but as a bicycle dealer for VDW Lease you are in the driving seat. Dreaming of more customers, higher turnover, less administration and a leasing partner who knows the market inside out? Stop dreaming! We will run through the numerous advantages VDW Lease has to offer.

With VDW Lease, YOU create the customers too

As we already mentioned, in the leasing concept of VDW Lease, you are the leader and can therefore create your own customers for bicycle leasing. VDW Lease recognises that dealers are a vital link in the chain and this is reflected in the more than favourable commercial agreements. In order to support these pack-leaders even further, VDW Lease guides its dealers through the entire leasing process. And, as icing on the cake, VDW Lease provides you with all the information you need to develop your activities further. As befits a pace-setter!

Limited administration

Get rid of the red tape! Thanks to the centralised and digital VDW Lease platform, everything runs smoothly between the parties involved. The platform also allows for streamlined digital document registration. Dividing up invoices is also a thing of the past with VDW Lease, so you can focus on the course you are going to take! Handy, eh?

Immediate payment from the start of the leasing contract

No hassle with outstanding payments! As soon as the bike is delivered to the rider, the amount is transferred to your account.

All brands and types

As a partner of VDW Lease, you can offer all bicycles and brands for leasing that fit within the customer's budget. No more checking lists and fussing about; you can just advise our customer on the right choice of bike!

At VDW Lease, dealers are considered part of the team and this translates into all aspects of the services. It’s a great experience, as dealers tend to be overlooked in the leasing process. I’m really pleased that I have been able to persuade lots of companies in the neighbourhood to sign up for bicycle leasing.

Bicycle shop manager
How do you become a VDW Lease leader?

“Contact us here and join our ranks in no time!”


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