Leasing a bicycle is very easy and offers you nothing but benefits as an employee. We are happy to list the advantages. Cycle with us:

Your dream bike in a heartbeat!

One moment you are drooling in front of a shop window, the next you are holding your dream bike in your hands. E-bike, speed pedelec, mountain bike or do you prefer the unadulterated speed of a racing bike? Every type of bicycle is available through VDW Lease!

And you can do all this without getting yourself into financial trouble! Bike leasing via VDW Lease offers you numerous budget-friendly options. As the icing on the cake, you can take ownership of the bike at a very favourable price and without obligation after three years.

Are you curious about the advantages? Then read on!

Carefree, carefree-er, carefree-est?

With comprehensive insurance, roadside assistance and a maintenance package tailored to your needs, you're all set. VDW Lease goes one step further in its care services by including third-party insurance in the comprehensive cover. And it’s the only leasing company in the market to do so!

Fitter than ever!

Who doesn't want to improve their health and feel good about themselves? If you choose to lease a bike, you are already one step closer. You are also doing your bit for a better environment. And with those karma points you can’t go far wrong!

The solution to traffic jams and parking problems

Trade in your bike for your car? You’ll gain a set of muscly legs AND avoid sitting in congestion for hours on end! Plus, you are often faster by (electric) bike than by car. That’s a genuine win-win situation, isn’t it?

Make money from cycling

Sounds like the life of a professional cyclist doesn’t it? Nothing could be further from the truth! Your employer can provide a bicycle allowance of up to EUR 0.24 per kilometre ridden. So you not only get to ride your dream bike for free, you even earn money from doing so!

View your benefit here:
  • Catalogue value:
  • Lease amount:
  • Gross Salary Difference:
  • Net salary Difference:
Bicycle allowance
  • Cycling allowance:
  • Distance between home and work:
    15 km One-way
  • Number of times bike is used for work per week:
    3 Days
  • Bicycle allowance:
Amount earned: EUR 68,54/month
Carefree enjoyment of your dream bicycle with VDW Lease?

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

Together with your employer, we draw up a cycling plan
Interesting? Definitely! Visit one of the VDW Lease dealers and ask for a *tailor-made* offer
VDW Lease receives the offer from the dealer, checks it and orders your dream bike
We will let you know as soon as the bike is ready for collection from the VDW Lease dealer
Just get on your bike! Because not everything has to be complicated

After a few hectic years with three children, I had gained a lot of weight. Through my employer, I had the opportunity to lease a bicycle from VDW Lease. It was my best decision in a long time! Thanks to the commute with my speed pedelec, the kilos are flying off and I actually get to work faster! VDW Lease also ensures that my bicycle is perfectly maintained thanks to a tailor-made maintenance package. Just brilliant!

Senior Sales Manager

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A maintenance package tailored to your use
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