As an employer, bicycle leasing is no longer a distant dream. Do you want to create a dynamic, environmentally-friendly and attractive image for your company that focuses on a healthy mind in a healthy body? Then bicycle leasing is the perfect solution!

But that’s not the only reason why bicycle leasing is a great idea for your company. We are pleased to give you an insight into the wealth of benefits VDW Lease can offer you.

Financially interesting

Let's get straight to the point: leasing a bike saves money! The cost of leasing a bicycle is 100% tax deductible and much lower than that of a leased car. And what about the modifications you may need to make, such as providing showers, charging rooms, etc.? Well, these are also 100% tax-deductible!

Bicycle leasing also reduces the employee's gross salary so employers pay lower social security and employer contributions. And to put an even bigger smile on your face when you read about all these financial benefits: the bicycle allowance that you can offer your staff as an employer is exempt from tax, to the tune of EUR 0.24 per kilometre!

Want to put it to the test? Calculate the monthly lease price for your employee right here

Limited administration

Get rid of the red tape! Thanks to the centralised and digital VDW Lease platform, everything runs smoothly between the parties involved. In addition, the platform allows for streamlined document registration and invoicing, without any worries. Handy, eh?

Create a positive company image

The power of employer branding? Image! Employees are increasingly choosing a company with a dynamic image where, among other things, flexible mobility, sustainable business and additional benefits are high on the agenda. Bicycle leasing is a perfect fit with these considerations!

Healthy employees

Cycling is healthy! It builds muscle, improves resistance, reduces stress levels and helps you get a great night’s sleep. These are all things that make for healthy, happy employees and much lower absenteeism levels. Not to mention increased productivity among your employees!

Do you want to join VDW Lease?
It just takes a few simple steps
Together we determine the leasing budget for your organisation
We then figure out which types of bicycle can be leased
Then we look at which accessories are eligible for leasing
The maintenance package is compiled according to the use and type of bike

On the basis of these steps, we put together a tailor-made leasing package. We also support you in drawing up a cycling and communication plan so that everything runs smoothly!

To get you started, we have added a simulation below. The lease price includes comprehensive insurance, third-party liability insurance, assistance and maintenance.

  • Catalogue value:
  • Lease amount:
  • Gross Salary Difference:
  • Net salary Difference:
Bicycle allowance
  • Cycling allowance:
  • Distance between home and work:
    15 km One-way
  • Number of times bike is used for work per week:
    3 Days
  • Bicycle allowance:
Questions? Take a look at our FAQ or request more information here! #enjoytheride

For customised service, a clear digital platform and barely any administration, VDW Lease is the place to be. Our employees are extremely satisfied with the extra benefit in their salaries and have opted en masse for bicycle leasing. VDW Lease also gives a choice between all brands in the bicycle market and there is no hassle with maintenance. Satisfied with the cooperation!

HR Director
6 things you need to know before you start leasing bikes